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Homebrewing seems to grow in popularity in hard times and in good times, but for different reasons.

In hard times, people take up homebrewing as a way to get their favorite beverage for less money, assuming you already made the initial investment in equipment. If you are buying all of the equipment, you might not start saving money until you’ve made a lot of beer. Of course, I don’t mean to scare you off if this is your reason for dropping by. You can brew smaller amounts of decent beer for very little money.

In good times, some people get tired of the same commercial brands and decide to try brewing their own to get that perfect blend of flavors they prefer. Their reason to brew is more about the hobby, the experience, and the taste of the elusive perfect brew. They will spend a lot of money on the best hardware, and they will search out the best ingredients.

Whatever your reason for visiting Bear Valley Brewing, you are welcome here.

I created this site as a repository of homebrewing experience and information that I have accrued on my own adventure. Full disclosure, I hope to generate some income by providing you with affiliate links to items I recommend. I also hope to find new readers for my Brewmaster novels, still in development, by adding pages related to the stories (recipes and excerpts).

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