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I’m Todd Phillips, and I am the writer and homebrewer behind Bear Valley Brewing. We are not a real brewery. While I occasionally have delusions of grandeur and think about opening a brewery, every time I research the expense and (gasp) the licensing requirements I huddle in the corner of my office whispering to my guitar: “It’ll be alright baby…shhhhh.

Yeah, not really interested in opening a brewery at this time, thank you very much.

I enjoy brewing, actually I enjoy the making more than the drinking. I love the process of creation whether it is writing or brewing. I read up on different styles of beer to find something that might appeal to me, make a batch of that recipe, and then make a few tweaks to it so the next batch is a little more to my taste. These are the recipes I will be sharing, and perhaps some recipes from other brewers providing I can bring them to you with the permission of the original brewer. If not, I will most likely give you a link to the recipe along with my reactions to it.

Where appropriate, I will give you links to equipment or ingredients to make it more convenient for you. The links will include affiliate information so that I can make a little money for my efforts without adding any cost to you beyond what you spend at the merchant. So yes, I do hope to make some money from this site, but even more so, I hope to provide entertainment and value to you.